naturalis handmade vermouth

Naturalis artisan vermouth, delicious and handmade, little production

The vermouth is a spicy wine that is made mainly in Reus and that in Catalonia it has a wide tradition on Sundays or marked days of celebration accompanying something of food to make the hunger for lunch. more information

I remember when my grandfather took me to make vermouth every Sunday. I waited for it. Then, when we were there, it was not so much fun ... I made fries and soda and he clams and vermouth ... You can not have everything in life ...

But what I tell you the Naturalis vermouth sells is like what my grandfather drinks. This is guarantee.

Now things have changed and there are very imaginative people. The vermouth has also been modernized and there are some magical capsules that make vermouth change its flavor. There are many different kinds of fruit and herbs ... Ideal for a family meal while having an appetizer, with friends. But I have to say that these capsules do not add more alcohol but they provide freshness and change. They are very original. You can also find them in the store.

There are a link for more information about the  vermouth

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