Appearances deceive or clothes make the figure.-

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General prejudices.-

Today I would like to talk about what affects prejudices in people's daily lives, in general and in this case, in particular, and more specifically, with reference to the beginnings of  this online store, @somnaturalis.

At first, before I started doing anything, I noticed that I did not master much computer skills, only at the user level, that I had no open social network and that I would surely need someone or I spend a lot of hours learning. There really are tutorials in internet today, but the truth is that I preferred to devote myself to doing other things, which I considered could be done better, and I were also necessary and look for an external company to make the page , digital marketing, networks, in the end ... help not see me so collapsed.

The truth is that I found the person by chance. Speaking, I explained to him that he was starting an online business, etc., and she gave me a card, by the way very apparent, not paper, I found it very modern and that led me to think that she is informed ( first prejudice and therefore first mistake).

Looking at her, she is a young girl, with a short fringe, with her hair picked up that reminded me a lot of Anna Gabriel and many of the girls in her political party. It looks to her. He wears a bag that has the drawing of the female reproductive system. This led me to the second prejudice and second error.

People who always speak in femeni and who are from this political party or sympathizers, those that everyone says are anti-system ... because I do not want to generalize, but I tell you now, she isn't like this. Although their appearance and their behavior give it to think.

When we talked the first day, I asked him what estudies she was. And in fact she does not have a specific studies, you do not have any marketing career, only one course in Barcelona Activa. But I saw her clever, so I were aware of the work I would do and how and she did the budget.

Oh, oh, what prices !!!!! She told me that she was a professional and that her hours were worth a lot. If you do not have the required studies to do a job and do it, it's intrusion, right?

Curiosity I looked for the name of her company on the Internet, to verify that it really was very up to day, and she took the name of the American company, the most popular,  that is dedicated to the marketing in the USA, and changed the logo . I do not know if it was up to date, but she copy as like no one.

Since he asked me for the money in advance, I give her a part, and she did not want it, because he has a associate and was about to end the laboral relation and she did not want to share the money with her.

All that I explaine was between May and June, and she just bought a new caravan and in July it left for two months.She left everything hanging. To me included

I could continue, in fact, I think that if you like it, another day I will continue explaining everything that she did and how we finished, but I think that for the purpose of today which I have already explained, there is enough.

Let us the conclusions, between the facts and the suppositions.


This girl with her looks, is both inside the system, like any other person who has a business. He wants to make money by working the least to live the best. Is there any more capitalist fact than this? And she does not care too much about not being very honest. So, what's the difference between she with a cooperative  system(!) Behavior and that of one of the Ibex 35?

And now the question is;

She deceived me or did I presume that it would be in a concrete way because of her looks and what did she say? Are they prejudiced or is it deception?

What do you think?


See you soon!!!!

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