Batch cooking, pay attention to nutrition in a more comprehensive way.-

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The best planning for your menus.-

Everyone knows what is batch cooking? Well, the definition says you spend your time one morning or afternoon to make the menus for the whole week.

This has many good things, the first thing  when you buy, you spend less money because you already know what you have to buy to make the menus. You spend lesstime because you do not buy things that you like, if only what you need.

Since you have planned the menu before, taking into account the recommendations of the Harvard School of Medicine and its "Method of the dish" that you do not know? is the following:

Grab a dish and divide it into two parts. In one of them put vegetables and in a smaller proportion, fruit.

The remaining part, again divides it into two.

In the superior, choose a protein and take the measure with the palm of your hand. And in the remaining room, a carbohydrate, which occupies the size of your fist. In this simple way, we can lose weight and stay healthy.

This system has succeeded in replacing the famous method of the pyramid that we have used for so many years.

In this batch cooking system we have to make 5 meals a day, recommending that in mid-morning and in the afternoon eat a dairy combined with a piece of fruit.

Apart from the food, which also includes olive oil, four spoonfuls exactly, you have to drink 2 liters of water every day.

And finally, our beloved friend, the exercise. 150 minutes of moderate to week or 75 of vigorous.

In this way, the doctors of Harvard say that we can all achieve our ideal weight and keep it easily.

They also recommend that the protein be chicken or mainly meat not red or vegetable, avocado, hazelnuts, etc.

And now, I wonder, and that's so new? Those who has done dieted before such a modern system exists, what did they do differently? Oh yes, do the food for the whole week.

I have always worked, I always cooking for the whole week. And the great invention of the freezer has done the rest. I have also always complemented the menus from the school with those at home ... in the end ... nothing new, nothing we did not know before ... or yes?

I am sure that it is great and that you really eat healthier, cheaper and take less time to buy, but what you save on buying, you use it when planning. For me it is the hardest part. Make varied and complete menus for lunch and dinner every day of the week.

We are lucky to have the fantastic Mediterranean diet, with its seasonal vegetables, its fruits and all the necessary variety to eat healthy. The vegetables, the nuts that have always been present in our kitchen ... in the end, these lords of Harvard, with all my respect, should not come to teach us much, to us. Or what do you think so?

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