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I recommend that you be useful to succeed yes or yes - part I

Hi everybody. I apologize  because I have not published a prescription for a while and in principle, the blog, apart from giving information about the products that you will find in the online store, is also to help you use them. I have opened new sections and now my work is accumulating. So, not forgetting the word given at the beginning, that would give you simple recipes to make your life easier, here is another basic one. A white sauce. It can be a bechamel,  onewith cream of milk, to make pasta, baked vegetables like cauliflower that is fantastic in the oven with bechamel, or any dish that you like with this type of sauce. But ... we will give a magic "trick" that will make it irresistible.

If you want to make a meal to impress, it is your sauce.

White sauce means bechamel.-

The sizes, I have a bad vice, and the truth is that I do it a bit at eye, depending on the quantities I cook. Let's see.

The flour for bechamel, we make the amount we make, adds 2 spoons, because it only has to thicken.


- 2 tablespoons of flour trenches.

- 1 liter of milk

- 25g of temperate butter.

- a little nutmeg

- a pinch of salt

- a little bit of cognac

- 2 teaspoons of parmesan sauce dessert with Truffle Naturalis


We take a pan and put it on fire. Let it warm a little, not much because then when you throw the flour,  would burn it . You know that raw flour is indigeste, so we'll cook it.

When the pan is ready, we throw the two tablespoons of flour and remanage it with a non-metallic utensil so it does not stick or burn, and it will be picking up a toasty color. When it has changed color and you see it cooked, always on medium heat so it does not burn, add milk. I warm the milk up before throwing it, but that it's to the consumer's taste.

I add it gradually, to rajolins and I am stirring so that it does not get soaked and get well with the flour. The salt bit, we can add it and I put enough nutmeg because they love home, but you can do it with or without.

When all milk is added, I add butter. It makes it more unctuous and shiny.

 you'll see it starts to thicken. Remove it from the fire, so it does not catch too quickly. When it is not too thick, add the little quantity of cognac. It gives you a great taste. Continue stirring and if you see that it does not drench enough with the residual heat, put it back on fire, to finish thicken it.

Once done, put on the magic "trick". The two tablespoons of parmesan sauce with truffle ..

Spread it well and you can add it to the dish you want.

If you make it thick, to make croquettes, if you do not do so much, by caneloni, or cauliflower or ...

The sauce with cream will be the next. Somnaturalis word.


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