Carbonara sauce

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Sauces made with "magic" part II.-

Now, I give you the other recipe for white sauce, carbonara, basically to make pasta or meat. But I'm sure you have more suggestions and delicious recipes.


Milk cream




Parmesan cream with truffle Naturalis





Take the butter and put it to warm in a pan. It is scrambling with a wood trim so it does not burn or chop (then it is in poor taste) and when it is already cooking it is added the cream of milk. Leave the fire a little and let it cook, stirring occasionally.

While it is on fire, a pinch of salt is added, just because it brings other ingredients that already carry it and we do not want to be salty, nutmeg to taste and a egg yolk. When everything is in the pan, it is raking so that all the ingredients are integrated. You will see that the texture changes, and it is thicker. Then, as we still have to add the cheese, we can put some milk, to make it clear and not so thick.

When we see that the color of the sauce is no longer wholly white, if not that it takes a golden tone, we can already close the fire and remove the pan.

Then add the cheese and when it is integrated with stir, we put the magic touch of the cream Naturalis.

A couple of spoons of dessert. Let's remind and ... Ready!

This sauce is to be made with pasta, with meat, with fish such as cod or hake ... in short, imagination to power.

See you soon!!!


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