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Or how not throw away anything.-

My mother learned me when I was a little girl that the food was not throw nothing . She suffered civilian post-war and she learned this very soon.

So, today we will make cooking with the rests they are in the refrigerator.  ...and that you have not thought until you have to buy again and then, suddenly, you see.

This time, there was a leek, an onion, a potato, carrots and celery. So I made a vegetable broth. I put too much water to make a cream, I removed the extra broth and I did it with soup, I already had a first course for dinner. The rest, I could already crush it along with the vegetables and make a cream. I already had a plate for dinner another day. To make it more tasty I put a little of olive oil, a little turmeric or pepper or herbs of kitchen ... and it is good.

I hope you use this recipe to make the most of it.

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Profit it!

Bon Appetit!!!!


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