Differences between physical and a virtual company.-

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This example is intended for companies that do not manufacture, as manufacturing involves a different management, specific and does not represent other companies. Therefore we will leave them aside and if necessary, at another time we will return.

 Companies, whether large or small, physical or virtual have the same departments.


Management, accounting, administration, HR, purchasing, sales, customer service, logistics, marketing and I don't know if you can think of any other section ...

Usually, each department has one or more managers who have staff who develop the guidelines and together, make the company work. These are large and have many assets both human and economic and this makes them powerful and distant from the issue before us today.

But there is another type, micro-companies like yours, where only you work. You carry out the day-to-day work, make the decisions, execute them, make the purchases, sell, if necessary, prepare the contracted service, if necessary, etc. This has pros and cons, obviously.

An advantage is that you are ultimately responsible for all decisions, you make the ones you think are best without having to consult them. It is true that you can be wrong, but you also learn from every mistake and this allows you to improve. Your motivation is high, in fact, the highest.

You are also the one who has to negotiate with all the external services of your business. And to do that you also have to learn from it.

Negotiations are always a dance of strength. You are looking for the best strategy, to get the best conditions for your business and the other is looking to give you the best for yours.

An example of this could be the date of payment of an invoice from a supplier.

You prefer her at sixty days and he at thirty or in cash, also in advance would come phenomenal.

You have to be a good argumenter to be able to reach an agreement that suits both of you, maybe in this case a middle ground would be 45 days.

Negotiation is an art, it must be practiced to make it better and better. At first you feel bad if you "squeeze" because you think, innocently, that you harm the other .. but it is not true, because the other already has a lot of experience and knows very well the game he plays. Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time equaling forces.

Really but working for yourself, alone, is a constant learning and improving non-stop. Also a professional and personal challenge.

When you start a business you never know enough. You could make decisions faster, and always choose the first one right. But it is not so. This makes you feel discouraged at times, but at other times you feel so happy that one thing makes up for the other. All the small victories, the small gains, the good decisions ... in short, your progress in learning is so gratifying that you don't even doubt it.

So far, everything you’ve read can be applied to any business, right?

Whether physical or virtual. What sets them apart? Really little.

The fixed expenses section is the most significant.

If you have a virtual business, expenses are reduced in the fixed part. But you should invest more in advertising perhaps, or take on an outside company to deal with the digital issue. So in the end, they are tied.

Either way, surely nothing is easy and you have to work to achieve success. But if you’re considering entrepreneurship, I hope all of this helps you make the decision and if you work for someone else, it also helps you make it easier.

Whatever you decide do it with conviction and be happy.

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