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How to you bring social pressure?

In the summer you have to lose weight, you have to exercise and take a healthy life if or if you have to teach the body on the beach, in the pools and doors lighter clothes and ... everything puts you in an important pressure on it, because if you do not see yourself perfectly perfect, you're harshly judged, more than just judged. Men still have a certain margin, but less and less.

And you, you don't have the cannons from the existing beauty , and what? You are fine as well. Although you is overweight, you do not care at all. You're well and when you're going to do the health checks, they are fantastic.

But you can not tell. Nobody believes  you How could you not want to be slim?


And then there are all the explanations of some "professionals" who say that being fat is an "emotional" problem.

That, summarizing, means that you have low self-esteem, that you eat too much when you have problems to calm anxiety, etc. And you will therapy and stop eating , because everything is in your mind.

Fortunately for you and for all the world's fat people there are other types of professionals, nutritionists and endocrine doctors who know that the thing is more complex than that.

There are many factors that make you eat more, or not, or eating normally,  you're fat.

At this time you know that there are three types of metabolism, which are determinants.

What makes you thin and do not have any weight problem, because you quickly burn everything you eat.

 Your metabolism half burns what you eat at a slower rate, and in your case, if you want to maintain a certain weight, you have to do some things. For example, exercising regularly, and taking care of your diet, this activates you and makes you burn more calories.

And finally slow metabolism, which slowly burns slowly what you eat, no matter what. This makes it very hard for you to be in your weight. You have to eat little and move a lot. And yet it is very hard to stay.

 You have not chosen to have a slow metabolism, which burns little of what you eat and tends to accumulate, everyone is just like it is. From here, knowing what physical constitution you have, you can choose. Take great care and do a lot of exercise to be thin, or eat what you like or not exercise because you hate it and that nature continues your course. All the options are good. Nobody do not have to judge yourself for your decisions. Neither do you look.

If you are overweight, you have to do what you say, without a doubt. Health is above modes and opinions.

If you're healthy and do not mind the social pressure, go ahead.

The data is what makes you understand better how difficult it is to lose weight.

One kilogram of fat is equivalent to 7200 calories.

 You, whether you are thin or fat, have your basal metabolism that you just need to live. This is equivalent to the calories you burn when you are sleeping, breathing, sitting, when you do nothing.

These calories are obtained with a formula in which your weight, age and height are inserted. Although this fact is approximate, because it is difficult to make the exact calculation.

Then you have to add the caloric wear that you have in your day to day, when you work, walk, drive, etc. You will not burn the same if you work sitting in an office that if you download trucks on the dock, therefore this should also be taken into account when it comes to counting how many calories you need per day. Although the calculation is not accurate, you can get an idea of ​​what you should eat to know the results you will get in any of the following three cases;

If what you eat is the same as what you spend, you will keep the weight you have.

If you spend more than you eat you will lose weight.

If you do not burn everything you eat you will add fat.

It will also give you an idea of ​​whether you eat properly or too much or not ... even if you decide not to change anything you do, the less you will know if you do it well, regularly or badly. And maybe you decide to change some things, who knows.

You know, knowledge is power. But you have the last word about your body. I would just miss But finding excuses is not worth it. Tell yourself the truth and make decisions. You can apply this to all the things in your life. He will always be fine.

See you soon!!!!

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