First transcendent decision.-

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Why not in Spanish?

This was the most delicate and also the first decition I took in reference to the company.

When I said to friends, relatives, acquaintances, everyone asked me why? 

But I was convinced to do it. I now explain how I came to this conclusion.

The reason the language is communication. We learned to speak for immediate needs and it was convenient for us to understand ourselves to live better. Learning a language is what makes us human, so all languages ​​have the same value.

As the definition the language says, they all have the same value. I learned in Catalan and I speak my children also in catalan. There are many more people like me, like my family.

 We are many that we have managed to preserve, at least in an oral way, our language, since writing has been much more damaged and people over fifty years old can not write it, since for many years it was forbidden to learn in Catalan.

In Northern Catalonia, which belongs to France, they also "forced" them to stop speaking in catalan. Although the system was very different, since our grandparents forced them by force with those great phrases of "talk me in Christian" "I do not speak Polish", in France they did an exhaustive campaign saying that Catalan was the The language of "peasants" of those who had no culture. This system made more effect, which was not by force but with insistence. There they have preserved it, but few people speak it.

However, in Catalonia we still talk catalan. But nowadays, in big cities, almost everyone speaks Spanish, especially in companies. They even call on the phone people who do not understand it directly.

I think it's a mistake to lose cultural wealth like the language and I express myself better in my own language, although I understand and obviously I write Spanish perfectly. But, as they say, they are spoken throughout the world, therefore, it is not in danger of disappearing. On the other hand, mine is weakening a lot. It is important for me that my children and children of my children know their own language.

So, at the end, I'm decided wrighting my page in catalan and not in spanish language

 I must also say as an anecdote that the first purchase on my page was made by a mister of a village of Jaén. Curious no?

See you soon!!!!

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