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Processed foods, grades and benefits.-

For a long time, let's not stop feeling and read the "misfortunes" of non-fresh foods.

Since I do not sell any "fresh" product, I think that I should try to clarify some doubts and misunderstandings about packaged food.

Definition of food processed or of 5th range.-

It is a food that is not fresh and has been transformed. Sold in packaging format, frozen ...

But as in all things in life, there are degrees in processed foods.

Healthy foods despite being processed.-

The legumes.-

There is all in the market, we all know this. But there are different qualities and ways of copper and processing legumes.

In the case of Somnaturalis, what we do is cook the legums in water and salt. This fact, to put salt, already turns the legume packaging into processed. But it is a mild processing that solves consumers a lot and is a good processing, since it does not contain any other product, the preservation of the food is done in a natural way, as has always been done. The vacuum is made and sterilized, so if you bake the legums at home, you would make them equal, maybe you would add something else ...

 If it is boiling without salt, it would be semi-processed or 4th range.

If the legume pack contains any additives, preservatives or other things, such as the famous e-followed by a number, then it becomes overprocessed. What are all nutritionists and dietitians who do not advocate.

Following these guidelines, we can also apply to the roasted vegetables that sell the web somnaturalis.

On the vegetables the same thing happens as in the pulses, they are cooked naturally and to keep them olive oil and lemon are placed. The utility of the latter is precisely to avoid the oxidation of pepper, eggplant and onion and preserve the original color. If we see a dark-skinned pack, nobody would want it, that's the reality.

 Now much is said about natural food, but we are accustomed to a certain aspect of food. Everything of a fantastic color that seems to be cooked in a moment.

If you cooked a baked vegetables , the famous and so much fashionable batch cooking, which I already talked about in another article on the blog, surely its appearance will not be the best. But since you do it yourself, and you know how you did it, you do not care so much. However, if you have to buy it, you want it impeccable, healthy, little processed ... you want everything. And that must be. If you can choose, buy high quality processed foods, keep all the nutrients and get rid of them.

Another processed quality food is the extra virgin olive oil. In another article, the one of "is not expensive", I already explain to you the difference between the extra good virgin and the one that is not. What is little processed and what is so much.

This oil is appropriate for raw food, and if you buy the virgin it is ideal for cooking and more affordable.

On my website, you will only find "premium" or "extra virgin" quality oil.

And finally I would like to also talk about the sauces I have on the web. They are parmesan with truffles, tomato sauce with mushrooms and mushroom sauce. These sauces are cooked with more ingredients that are well specified on the label. They bring on a sauce of onion, cream of milk or tomato, garlic, mushrooms ... it is a food of the 5th range that they say to the restaurants since they are finished foods and they serve to enhance the taste of other sauces that you make at the moment and that make you I have already spoken about this in a recipe that I uploaded. But they bring nothing that is not natural. They do not carry additives, neither dyes nor preservatives, they are kept empty and sterilized and sufficient. They last very without opening but once the works last about four days in the refrigerator.

We could continue with the chocolates, the wine, the beers ... but I think that with these examples it is already understood. If that's not the case, I would be grateful if you leave a comment. If you need to tell me something, you want to give your opinion or anything else, do not hesitate to do so. I am prepared to listen to you and give you a response in the size of my possibilities.

See you soon!!!!

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