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Where we go? Where do we come from

The 10 top trends where we go.


Do not throw food.

We all know that developed societies throw tons of food, in the case of Spain are about 7000 in particular.

Given that there is a very large number of people living in poverty, which is 30% of the total population, society and businesses have been sensitized and take into account that throwing as much of Eating has some very important moral and ethical connotations.

There is also the ecological component. They have to spend lots of natural resources to put food to the stores.

That is why it is choosing to make smaller containers, even only for one person, so as not to have to throw anything or the least possible.


Confidence in the store or production company.

There have been some cases of abuse in the distribution and sale of products in bad condition, or  of harmful products for health, such as the case of the flour company, where mixing with the cement .. in short, we found several, which has caused a lot of distrust.

The notices like this isn't confidence for the customer.

Because the consumer loses confidence. And the product stops selling.

 Confidence must be strengthened in order to maintain the demand for products. Traceability and transparency in commercial messages must be improved to help increase consumer confidence.


Simple pleasures

As the famous and great chef Ferran Adrià has said recently, food is a source of pleasure. In an interview he said culinary luxury is to eat what you like at a specific moment. Companies or stores that achieve consumer pleasure are guaranteed success.


Small businesses.-

There are more and more successful small businesses and shops that do not have the complexes of large multinationals. Marketing and small production, more personalized and of higher quality, make them capable of being competitive with respect to each other. They usually offer different, personal and sometimes transgresor products. A good example of this is the amount of small local craft brewers that have come out in recent years and which triumph. Big brewers must be aware of these mini-businesses, as they offer consumers more personalized and more original products.


Global health.-

More and more consumers are looking for quality apart from satisfaction, as we have said before, to be healthy. They like the food be as natural as possible and give them confidence that what they eat will not affect their health in the negative, on the contrary, they are looking for more and more food to avoid diseases. More and more people are also interested in nutritional values ​​and food compositions or "active health claims", that is, in plain language, when less E followed by a number bring food, we buy them more tranquil.


The superfoods ?.

Definitions products that accumulate a great deal of benefits . An example would be goji berries. These supefood a lot of media attention in a short time and you must take advantage of and incorporate the ingredient in the largest number of products to take advantage of popularity.

The artichokes, parsnips, maquis and sugar-free cocoa are currently under trend.



It is a modern tendency to combine two very different foods and make them a new one. For example cronuts, mix of croissant and donut. This practice aims to surprise consumers and offer new sensations.


Better with proteins.

There are countries where protein foods are very important, as there are many consumers that relate it directly to healthy properties. They are associated, but isn't demostrated, in a satiating and nutritious effect, reason why they are directed mainly to the children or the adult people who make diets, or they want to increase his musculatura, old people, vegetarian ... this effect looks for more In dairy products, a common protein source.


Discrete strategies

Consumers who increasingly know more about food, demand more foods without so much sodium (salt) or sugars as well as saturated fats, which have been shown to be bad for health in the long run, and do not bring any healthy component to the organism. Therefore, it is a tendency to buy low-fat foods in these ingredients.


Alternatives for everyone.

The profile, as we have been saying so far, of the increasingly informed consumer, makes active, select natural products, without gluten, without lactose, without sweeteners or colorants, in short, definitely, products as natural as possible.

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