Food Trends by 2020.-

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Food trends in Europe by 2020. 8 trends.-

Food telling.- Food with message.

It responds to a demand for transparent, attractive and near information. It connects consumers and consumes and gives more identity and authenticity to one's own foods.


Multisensory experience.-

It looks for a provocation of the senses, and generates an original sensual experience, pleasant, intense and full.


It involves greater awareness and responsibility with the impact of food consumption on the personal, social, economic and environmental levels.

It seeks quality consumption, where enjoyment, balance, sustainability and the future prevail.

Here & Now.-

It facilitates the lifestyle of urban nomads, who demand flexibility, optimize the management of their time, health, and instant gratification to their needs, at any time and place.


It implies indulgence and self-fulfillment through memorable experiences that connect with the emotional needs of individuals.

Adventure, fun, surprise and entertainment bring added value experiential to the product.

It is reflected in the demand for flexible solutions that allow the purchase and intelligent consumption, choosing the best option in less time. It is associated both to the product and to the process of purchase and consumption through the services and tools that make life easier for consumers.


Represents a proactive and responsible attitude towards the promotion, prevention and conservation of well-being and its own health. He pursues a diet adapted to personal needs to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance.


Associated with the expression of one's identity (individually or in a group), embodied in the products of great consumption, their desires, values ​​or aspirations.

Extracted from the AZTI-Tecnalia study. Expert technology center for food and marine research.

I think that, without wanting to sin presumptuous, somnaturalis has advanced in its time.

Many of these trends can already be enjoyed with the products that the web offers you and it is also the first intention and the being of this store. I will leave you some links so you can verify that what I say is true.

See you soon!!!!

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