How are the relationships between you and your superior?

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Example .- You recently worked at the company, everything went well at first, but suddenly the thing twisted and you still do not know why and do not dare ask.

In the selection interview you already get clues of what is expected of you, and before going to do it you have to make an introspective in depth and see your strengths and weaknesses, you have to know yourself well.

Get in a situation;

 You are interviewing and tell you that punctuality is highly valued in this company.


You live far from the place of work

 You will need to get away every day much earlier than now

On top of this, you should prepare your meal every day, before going to work or before going to bed. About this, if you need help, here I leave you a very useful link

 It will depend on the public transport to arrive or from your car, what's worse?

 And you sincerly cannot wake up early . It is superior to you. It's not that you're not responsible, or that you are not interested in the job, it's just that it's hard for you to stand up early all days.

But obviously you need the job.

 Maybe no other will come out,

 this looks good, so you obviously , in the end, is not think impossible not too bad to be late one day,

 You'll return time in the afternoon, or at lunchtime ...

But do not take into account that if they mention punctuality in the interview, it is because the person who has to hire you is important. You should not miss it.

And in the interview you say that you are a very timely person and despite pointing away the distance from where you live, you are very persuaded that it will not be a problem.

The job is yours ... fantastic, fabulous, congratulations, you're the best !!!!


The first week is going well, the job does not represent any problem for you, since you are capable enough to do it and your superior is delighted with you.

But in the second week, there is a metro stroll on Monday, you are asleep on Wednesday and you arrive late two days. You apologize and the thing happens.

This situation is repeated over time and every month, you arrive late on average 5 times.


 Your boss no longer trusts you,

He think that you give excuses when you arrive late,

Your boss Interpret that you do not care enough about work,

 It begins to see defects that you did not see before, although your capabilities are the same as before, so valued.

Now he questions you without stopping and the relationship has deteriorated a lot.

How can you prevent something from happening?

 When you make the job interview and  they explain what is important to the company, better to always say the truth. Not your little problem about stands up early, obviously, but if you live far away and that although you will make every effort to not happen, it is likely that one day you will arrive late.

If you get the job, then it's not as relevant as it seemed at first and you have a margin. Since you have warned from the beginning, no one can think that you will come up with excuses and the relationship will not be heard.

If they do not give it to you, although at the time you feel bad, it will always be better than just saying goodbye soon after.

Maybe it's not an appropriate job for you either.

Although for knowledge the site could be ideal for you, there are other things that can be very annoying in companies, day after day, apart from work. You should also evaluate this when looking for a job. Not only can the company choose, you can also do it. And if you already see that it will not fit, it is better to continue looking for. Nobody likes saying goodbye to him?

Oh! To say also that if you are interested in keeping the job, you can always talk to your superior and try to reach a compensatory pact that works well for both, because in spite of everything, you will never be able to avoid, to arrive late some day ...

Will it continue ... Has your relationship with your superior been a long time ago? Do you know each other well and, in spite of everything, the thing does not end up doing well? This will be the next article ...

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