my customer part II

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My customer part II

My name is Christopher, but everyone calls me Chris. I am a lawyer. I am about 40 years old and I work in a buffet as a associate.

I'm single. I prefere it. After so much time  being alone, I don't gets used to sharing with other person , the spaces, all the free time ... Taking shared decisions ... The truth is that I am with someone but both in their house.

During the week I do not have much free time, between work, gym, football, and the couple, I don't stop very much at home. Normally I eat near the office every day at lunchtime. On the evenings, if we do not go out to dinner with the colleagues anything, a salad, a burguer, a combined dish ... if I eat at home only a yogurt and to go to sleep.

In the morning, I make a coffee in the coffee shop near my home and into the office. 

So from Monday to Friday, except on Wednesdays we go out to dinner with the partner.

On weekends, however, is different. I have more time for enjoy the house, friends of the family, the partner  ...

On Saturdays we wake up late, we go to run or bike and have breakfast at the coffeshop. A good breakfast, sometimes if it is too late, we make a brunch, this American invention is a breakfast-lunch and this meal is usually made between breakfast and lunch hours, for example, between 12 and at 13 h.

At night everything changes. We like all the friends to organize dinner at someone else's house. We do it rotating We all like good wine, good beer, in short, the day we have to do it at home, we think and do gourmet things. Although sometimes we do not really want to cook and buy something made. We always bring something to each one and thus not so much costs for the organizer.

A wine door, the other craft beer, the other a chocolates ... good oil spheres and PX vinegar to put on the carpaccio, a good vegetables roasteds for the artisan bread we have bought in the usual oven ... finally We spend them, but we enjoy ... and know you what is best of all? They send it to us at home, yes, at home or at work or at home, parents or ... where we go better and there is someone to pick it up.

It is great. I advise you. Oh! We, the whole gang, use the Somnaturalis page. It is efficient and the products are top. Try it. Do not regret it. It's a happy customer who speak. 

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