Pre-start of the business.- (next step to make the lists) Ignoring the cursed lists.-

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Following the lists.-

A few years ago I completed a business management course for small and medium-sized businesses, which lasted a long time, a whole school year and had a teacher who always said that small business people or, in my case, Entrepreneur, we must have different hats to put us in each moment what it touches.

Because the company is small or large, it has the same departments.

Now is the time to become an administrator, after accounting, administration, commerce ... you know, if you work, either on your own or on behalf of another, you know that at Companies have different departments and usually if it is a company that has staff, each one does different jobs at the same time.

But not in the case of being a sole employee / owner / worker such as Naturalis. The lists in the last article were precisely for that. All the things to do to set up a business.

Sometimes, the order overlap and for that, my teacher said this from the hats.

Maybe you're talking to a provider of shipping conditions, prices, etc. And at the same time, you should talk with the designer to see how you want the logo. You should also make numbers because you have to go to the bank to apply for a loan and you do not know how much would be good ... and you should do everything at once.

Terrible no? Well, no ... you make your lists and then prioritize, that is, you decide what actions you will take in order of importance.

I personally, this decision I took one night that I could not sleep, how do I want it to be, I'll get it, I will need a lot of money, the bank will leave me the money, I will be able to return the money , will the store work right away? Will I have enough money to stand if it does not work right away? Ufff and I do not want to get bored you, but there are more questions and fears and blank nights.

But that not only did not throw me back, if not every time I think more. You are giving shape, little by little, you make the decisions as you need them, although they are not always the best or the right ones, but despite the stones on the way, one day the magic is done ... you have finished all the lists. You've finished the job! Oh, innocent !!! just now, the real work begins. Now you have it underway, now you have to make all the gears work well so that you can earn a living with what you have built, which by the way, is not little.

The way to get to the end of the lists also has its own history, do not  so easy, not quite ... but I'll explain it to you another day.

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See you soon!!!

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