Who is "in love" with going to make the purchase for the week?

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The purchase or leisure.-

It is true that eating is absolutely necessary. Of course, to be able to eat there is more than one option.

In fact, there is always more than one option. But since we now talk about food, then we will limit ourselves to this problem.

We can go to lunch and have dinner away from home always ... if we can afford, why not?

We can buy processed foods made from micro always ...

We can buy frozen and cooked food and heat the micro always ...

We can also go shopping at the supermarket or buy and cook over the weekend or at night for lunch and dinner at the moment ...

Less the first, all the other options, leaving aside if they are healthier or less, forces us to make the menus of the week. We have to think;

Option 1.- If all the relatives eat outside the house at noon.

Option 2 .- Children eat at school and parents eat at home

Option 3.- Let's eat everyone at home.

Whatever yours, you will always have to decide what to do for dinner.

The question is: Are you worried that meals and supplements are complementary? That is, if at lunchtime you eat pasta or legumes at sunset, will you make vegetables or salads?

Or if you eat meat at noon, at night, what will you do?

This is really a torture, choose the way you eat what you have chosen from the beginning.

And you should also know before buying ... I do not know about you, but it is very heavy for me.

That's why, when I set up the Naturalis store, I decided that I would try to facilitate the life of the busy people or that they simply do not like shopping.

The only thing you should have in common with those who like the store is that you like to eat well, eat healthy and cook it little.

How do you see it?

Thinking about everything I said before, I have thought of giving you simple guidelines to be able to use the products that I come to the web in an effective way.

I have noticed that I have made two product lines. One, more in charge of making good food, eating healthy and fast and making a "bottom of pantry" when stocks are finished, always have a stock to leave the road and a more luxurious line to give it a taste during the Weekend, or every time you want.

If you have read my writings, I said in one before going to Palo Alto, who wanted to present an idea to see if he could fit in with some of you.

Because it was not possible to do it there I am doing five cents to see what you think.

I would like to make fixed boxes for monthly, biweekly or weekly subscriptions, depending on the number of members of each family and the needs.

I have designed a few different prices and ingredients. I would like to leave comments on how you see them, if you like the idea, if you subscribe to them, finally, tell me what you think.

Breakfast box.-

1 jam 70% sweet fruit, 30% sugar.

1 honeyflower

1 spread oil

1 black tea

 This subscription will solve quite well the breakfast, which you remember, is the most important meal of the day.

Emergency pantry box.-

2 packaging of natural chickpeas

1 cork oils

1 natural scalivada

1 organic wine

1 green tea

This subscription would solve a meal when you have an empty refrigerator. Always available in your pantry.

Sweet box.-

1 artisan chocolates

1 Cava

1 crispy chocolates

1 pack of oil and vinegar spheres

1 can premium gourmet oil

This subscription is ideal for having supplements for impromptu dinners or for a treat from time to time that is very healthy.

Weekend box.-

4 handmade beers

1 white wine

1 red wine

1 vermouth

Even if it's all alcoholic, it's not for nothing but during the weekend, maybe it would be better to savor it, before, or after meals a cup, a beer, finally, during the weekend everything is more relaxed, can not you find it?

Well, I do not roll myself anymore, this is the longest of all the writings that are made and undo ...

I hope to receive your comments about the subscription boxes.

I promise not to do it any longer.

Please, if you like this news, subscribe to the newsletter's web, and you'll get a discount on you first purchase.

See you soon!!!!

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