Second important decision.-

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 What name will I put to the company? How should the corporate image of the brand be?

What do I want to convey to my customers?

It seems easy, but it is not.

First of all, I have to be clear about the type of customer I can help with my service o product.

What will I do, how will I sell it? What values ​​I want to transmit, what find them missing and what I want to cover for my customers ... to make life easier.

You must have studied all this before choosing what name I will put in the company, and the brand in my case too.

I want to be a reference, inspire trust, give my customers security, get the first purchase, which is the most difficult because I must have given a lot of confidence and in this my image helps a lot, obviously having a very good product .

That saying of "an image is worth a thousand words" if before it was true, now in the digital era, it is still more. Because the internet is an infinite world and there is everything ... bad, simple, sophisticated ... and when I start,  I need have to make me a place in this universe and the truth is that I do not know how make it.

So, in my case, I looked for a company that made me easier this process.

I had already decided the name and to which ideal audience.

Working people with little time to cook and who are interested in eating healthy and natural, without preservatives, colorings, or anything that is not strictly necessary to feed themselves. Fast food but first quality. Resolve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, from that day you have no time at all, because is a bad day.

And also to serve the select audience of the weekends, a good bottle of organic wine, handmade beer, delicious chocolate, good oil for a good dish ... in short, in both cases, food luxury, since if natural is luxury.

But we do not deviate from the subject, that I move from one thing to the other.

I have the name and now you have to do the logo, the image of the store, as well as the brand.

I explained everything I explained above to a person in the company and made the design.

I wanted to reflect the kitchen and make our grandmothers with recipes for life, the conventional make, the slow cooking food but also the transformation that, due to lack of time, has suffered the kitchen, the way to buy , definitely the way to face life, day to day.

And the logo that you see here came out. I think he performs his role. But it is not I who has to say it, it is you who have to find it right for everything that my store who is myself, really, wants to convey.

We can already stick to the list, one more thing. You see how to set up a business, whatever it is, are a lot of decisions, a lot of reflection, much research and a lot of desire and a positive mindset. In short, to undertake is to be essentially brave.

To be continued...

See you soon!!!!

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