Tips to go to work and keep calm all the day.-

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How to improve our working live.- Part I

Tips to go to work and keep calm all the day.-

Today we will talk about business issues that we have not done for a long time.

How many times have it happened that comes Sunday afternoon and just thinking about having to go to work on Monday and do you feel sick ?

This may be for different reasons;

  • - Because you are not well with a colleague.
  • - Because you do not like the work you do
  • - Because you are not generally comfortable with the company

- Because you do not support the pressure they are subjected to during the workday ...

We could continue and continue looking for reasons why we are not happy while we work ...

There are situations that I have mentioned against which we can not do anything, but others can be improved if we understand that maybe we do not do what is right at work.

First.- At work we are not going to make friends. The people at work are imposed, since you have not chosen them,  someone  has decided that they were apt to do a specific job at the company, just like you.

The relationship, then, should be superficial. You are people who have to spend an important time of your life in the same physical space, and maybe to work together in a determinate moments, but  even in this case, it's probably you have absolutely nothing in common. Surely, in most cases, you will never interact in your private life. And so it does not matter to know much about them. Until you on the work in the company,  not know them and if one day you change your work or any of them change too never see them anymore. This, like everything in life, is not an absolute maxim. There are always exceptions and there are people who, based on working together, have made a sincere friendship. But this is usually not very common.

So it is better to have conversations that are not transcendent of oneself, that is to say, not to explain very intimate things of one's life, nor to criticize any person, neither the boss nor anyone in the work. Better to have a cordial relationship, without deepening. Do you not say, at any time you can turn against it, since you do not know the other employee, what he is capable of,  does he have any relationship with other colleagues or executives ... better Say nothing of what one day you may regret.

Second.- There are conversation topics that are better to remove. For example, children. There is always one who is the ones who are the smartest, the most educated, the most friendly, the ones who are best related, the most obedient ... There is nothing to do ... your are normal. ..buffff ... what bad conscience mother / father horrible ... your children make you angry, they no are specially polite, have problems with their friends, do not believe ... a disaster. They are humans just like you. To avoid or feel fatal or tell you what you think, better not talk about the subject.Especially not talking about the notes, nor the parties they are invited, or anything at all.

Third.- You never have to ask or answer the question of the million ... and you? What is your payroll? The reasons are obvious ... if you to ern more money than he, you have already looked for an enemy who explain everybody your situation and if you to ern less than he, you will feel unvalued and he will also run. Although this is never as simple as we all think .. Salaries are not always based on the candidate's worth. If you have a good curriculum, then you have more possibilities of being able to request a better salary ... but it is also based on the offer the company have for that job, while the company is looking for, from the expectations that they see the candidate ... in short, depends on many things. Variables that employees when they ask a colleague who has just come in when they pay he, do not take into account, among other things because they do not care about it, they do not value it or even consider it.

In short, we could say many more, but I think these are the most frequent. And if you are aware of where you are, what your role is and because you are there, everything will be much easier. And pleasure too.

Let's summarize things that you can talk to your coworkers without affecting the relationship at all. Things common to all human beings. Sports, especially football. The weekends. If they went wright or wrong. If you have left or have stayed at home ... of your mother-in-law ... ah what good theme is this eh? Although not everyone have problems with his/her mother in law ... there are exceptions as in all things ... From the kitchen ... from the organization of the menus of the week, from where you buy ... from the programming of the Tv ... if you have a payment channel ... in short, of all those everyday things and without too much importance. And if somebody ask questions that compromise you and do not find it opportune to answer ... balls out.

So, all happy ... ah and a last tip, do not go to any business dinner, only if you are the chief... the devil is there, looking all you make.

See you soon!!

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