Today I want to tell you a story.

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 I will begin by saying that the size does matter.

Today I want to talk about me.

 I know that all marketing experts say it should not be done, but I will risk it. The world is the brave ones.

Of how I decided to mount the store somnaturalis and I told you in another article, I leave the link here, in case you want to freshen up ...

 I will begin by saying that the size does matter.

 The one of the legumes is clear, what did you think ?.

When less little size have, the less skin it have, the more tender it is and the easier to cook as well.

This, however, would not be a problem, because that of somnaturalis is well cooked. In water and salt. Without preservatives neither dyes nor thickeners or anything at all. Vacuum packed and sterilized. And that's enough.

And you who are a curious person will say, and what can be done with pulses? Now I do not eat, I'm more fashionable, than beans and chickpeas are from polka time. Now eat then, they are much more current ... chia, linen, in fine, healthy.

For sure? No, no, do not be confused, I do not mean that the seeds are not healthy. I also eat, now that I have learned how ....but the beans are also a superfood, complete and healthy.

I'll leave you the link here for you to check it out.

And now, as I have already set a background, I will give you ideas to eat delicious beans in a moment.

- Beans with clams

-Beans with garlic and parsley 

-Toast and beans ... or not, it`s your choise

-beans with cod tripe

-Col and potato with little beans.

I could continue, but I think so that your mouth water, it's enough.

I'll give you recipes of these dishes in other articles, not to make this too long.

Well thought, despite the fact that I wanted to talk about the chickpea, we will do it the other way around. I'll give you the recipes and talk about chickpeas and their recipes another day.

Let's start with the first recipe. Beans with clams.-

The package are 200 gr. So the amount will depend on what people are for eat and how much they eating

Can we make a reference 200 gr. of agreement?


1 package of naturalis cooked beans

300 gr. Of clams

garlic and parsley

1 glass of white wine


We take the clams and put them in a bowl in water and salt for a while, so they let the sand go.

You can also find them purged, and then you do not have to soak them.

 put them in a pan with a little oil to open.

Once opened, they will have left water. You remove them from the pan and take off the water.

Put a stream of oil in the pan and put the clams ​​ with garlic and parsley. Give him a couple of laps and add the white wine. When the wine has lost alcohol, add the beans with the water included. Leave it for a moment because the tastes are mixed and you can get it out of the fire. Let it stand for a few minutes and be ready! To eat

Simpler impossible.

Beans with garlic and parsley

While you make the meat on the grill , you put a ray of extra virgin olive oil  in the pan.

Add garlic and small crushed parsley. When half cooked, keep in mind that you do not burn it, add the beans with package's water. Let it cook for a few minutes so that they add the taste of garlic and parsley and turn off the heat. Let it rest until you finish cooking the meat. And you already have it.

The one of the toast and beans was a joke, but you know it's a dish that the British eat for breakfast on a slice of mold bread and they are made, beans with a kind of tomato sauce.

The remaining recipes that are trinxat and cod with beans, we will leave for another day.

Good profit and soon!

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