What do we basically need humans to live and be satisfied?

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Maslow's Pyramid.-

This is a psychological theory proposed by Mr. Abraham Maslow in 1943. Talks about human motivation.

He says essentially that, as we meet basic needs, humans develop higher needs and desires.

It is usually represented with a pyramid formed by 5 groups and goes from bottom to top.

Physiology.- Breathe, nourish, rest, have sex, homeostasis

These needs are the basic ones for maintaining homeostasis (referring to the health of the individual) and include;

  1. Need to drink water
  2. Need for food
  3. Need to sleep
  4. Need to eliminate detritus.

Security.- Physical security, work, resources, morale, family, health, private property.

Affiliation.- Friendship, affection, sexual intimacy.

These are linked to the affective development of the individual, they are the needs of association, participation and acceptance.

In the group there is, friendship, affection and love. They are satisfied through the functions of services and benefits that include sports, cultural and leisure activities. Humans are sociable and we need to relate and group ourselves, in family, with friends and formally in organizations.

Recognition.- Self-recognition, trust, respect, success.

There are times that companies not take this point seriously and only focus on economic compensation and forget that people also have feelings. This not only affects the individual but beneficial to the whole family.

An example of this is when a father goes to a meeting at the school of his son and congratulates him on the notes he has taken. Not only is the child happy but also the parents who recognize the effort they have made all to make this happen. Thus the child will have an extra motivation to continue working and striving.

Self-realization.- Morality, creativity, spontaneity, lack of prejudices, acceptance of facts and resolution of problems.

They are the highest and are at the top of the pyramid, through their personal satisfaction they find a sense of life through the development of their potential in an activity. This is reached when the other levels have been reached and completed.

The first four are grouped in deficit needs and the last ones in need of being.

Humans believe that the needs that affect us today are different from those of the individuals of the Middle Ages or Prehistory, but it is not true. They are finite, few and classifiable and are also the same in all cultures and historical periods. What changes are the means used to meet the needs.

The basics constitute an inalienable right of the human being since having these covers make the dignity of the individual and the communities. Currently, there are models around the world that make millions of people have lost these basic and fundamental rights, to satisfy them while those who do have it look at them from a distance.

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