You and Your boss.-

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Does the title look like a movie eh? We do not know whether romantic or fearful.

Now we will find out.

Begin You are the star. You are sitting in your workplace. you look calm but busy. Ring the phone It is your boss who asks you to go to his office.

Once there, talk about the work you to do in a cordial tone and without pressure.

He trusts you and you know it. This makes your relationship a great one. You feel good at the company and you love work.

Now a picture of the same office leaves a written down that says "three years later" ...

You are in your place of work, busy, angry and the phone rings. It's the monster (it's as lately you say to your boss) he says you're going to his office.

When you arrive, it tells you what he want in a cold and distant way. You listen to it without saying anything. I do not support working with this guy, it is unbearable.Arrogant ... you always to look forward to doing the job well, to do the best for the company ... and not only do not he appreciate it, if not that it does not value you anymore and it is fatal.

What happened during these three years?

The next scene is your office with a sign below that says "two years before" ...

Your boss in his office with you, screaming, in bad ways, because you made an error.

And here everything begins ... surely? It is because of an error that its behavior has changed to worse and everything has gone down, until you get where you are now?

The truth is that, your superior is also a person. He has a life of his own, problems, a family ... like you. And it also has a certain character, a yearning for life and work ... there is only one thing that makes him different, he has more power than you.

This fact can make the worst of him out. why? Well, because you have no idea what privacy him has. Perhaps he is unhappy, he may like to demonstrate his power by degrading his subordinates to feel more successful, more important ... he may be envious and you have something that he admires of you ... or simply Enjoy to make feel you bad...


The truth is as things when deteriorate between people, it is hardly ever cause of work. It always usually something personal.

When you started working in the company, you did not know, you came forward to show everything you could do, everything you were worth and he was happy because you could delegate.

 I did not know anything about you or you from him. There were only expectations for both sides. Maybe too high, or too low, maybe they did not square one with each other.

The point is that the relationship never deteriorates from day to day. It's happening little by little.

We are all human and we are all wrong. The boss too. But he accepting it is something else. It's easier than someone else to pay for broken dishes. For example you. You pay for yours and for his mistakes. You can not reason anything with him, because he does not admit that he is wrong. You feel increasingly worse, you see him with other eyes and he too, because you look different, less open, less communicative ... and increasingly reserved. You know you get what you give, and this happens through both. And one day you discover that you are upset by working with that person and that you are unhappy doing your job.

Maybe it's time to leave. It's easy to say but it's not that simple. Surely But there are other solutions that might be feasible.

If the company is large, you can request the transfer to another department.

If the company is small, this is worse. You always have the resource to speak with your superior and see if he can understand why you are not well at work, without explaining, never, anything that has to do with his behavior. You have to limit all reasoning at work. Maybe be good luck. Who knows. If it does not work, you know, grab the newspaper and search. Only if you have a life, it is not worth living most of your time bitter. You have to be happy as long as you can. There are things you can not avoid, but that yes. So, forward !!!! The world is the brave.

See you soon!!!!

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