You are the boss

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Whenever we talk about labor issues, usually the worst part is the boss. "The boss" of all life.

Employees when they talk about him always say he is ruthless and that he only thinks about him and the company. He does not take into account what the workers think, who does not ask for the opinion of anything.

Fortunately, there are more and more companies that are changing the way they relate to their employees. But for now they are still minority, especially when it comes to small businesses. But as always, that does not matter. It is the same as the company is large or small. Always the behaviors are similar.

Why do superiors in companies have so bad reputation? Are they really ruthless?

 You are a boss in a company, or a freelance of a small business, and not only do you not understand it, if not you do not share it at all. Because you are not a bad person.

You have a job of responsibility. If you do not achieve the goals they are asking you, you have a serious problem.

In fact you are not so different from the other employees that you have in your charge. You organize your work, depending on the urgency and priority to achieve the goals that are marked, for the good of the company.

You often feel alone, because yours is a complicated place. The employees thinking you are more near the company executives and they believe that you defend too much the interests of those employees.

But it is not true. You are in a place, where you can see the best and the worst of both worlds.

It is true that, at times, managers are not empathetic to the workers because their priority is usually to achieve more money or better results, or expand or ... whatever.

They do not have time or want to take their time thinking about what would make people happy.

That is why they have you. You make a bridge between them.

Those from below, on the other hand, have no idea what it means to run a company.

They come on, do the hours and leave. They do not have to worry about anything.

 Well, if they charge at the end of the month, the increases are what they touch and the double payments come in handy if they still have it, because lately many companies distribute the payments during the year so that the salary is a little higher.

 Vacations, they'll try make it them do when they want, usually all in August and little else.

But you, for your misfortune, know a little about each thing. You know that the managers want to achieve certain goals and if that would achieved, it would be good for the company and also for the workers, and you understand that those who do not know anything, if you ask them something that entails changes in Their daily routine, they are disturbs and troubles for them

Because you work with people and each one is as it is, do not always fit it well.

Your hardest job is to treat each employee in the most appropriate way so that he understands that he must do what you ask without discussing it and above all that not everyone can do the holidays in August. The latter is the most difficult.

And since you are not God, then you are not always right. Or sometimes you're tired, because you've already talked to a few employees and there has already been everything. There are people who can be exhausting by arguing and refusing what do you say.

So, sometimes you lose good tone and say things not as well as you would like or how you would.

And then you feel sorry. And when you're at home you think about it. And it fills you with good intentions and you think you have to apologize and that you will not do it anymore ... but the next day you get to work and you realize that if you do this, you lose authority. you never can do all you think.

In the end you do not say anything. Let them think what they want but what they do what they have to do.

See you soon!!!!

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